[ti:Who Tips More, Men or Women] [by:www.51voa.com] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:00.64]A new study explores the custom of tipping in the United States. [00:07.44]Many Americans give tips to people who perform a job for them, [00:13.68]especially workers in the service industry. [00:19.24]They pay a little extra to people cutting their hair, [00:24.20]driving them across town or serving them a meal at a restaurant. [00:30.87]The new survey was done for the website CreditCards.com. [00:39.00]Princeton Survey Research Associates questioned over 1,000 individuals. [00:47.08]The subjects were asked about how and when they offer tips. [00:55.32]The researchers found that men give bigger tips [00:59.92]to restaurant workers than women. [01:03.88]It also found people allied with the Republican Party [01:08.52]give bigger tips than supporters of the Democratic Party. [01:15.28]And people who live in the northern U.S. [01:19.08]are more generous with tips than those living in the South. [01:26.04]The survey found that people who earn $50,000 or more a year [01:33.56]give bigger tips than those who earn less than $50,000. [01:41.60]One likely reason: [01:44.16]the wealthier Americans have more money to spend. [01:49.24]The report also said that when getting a haircut, [01:53.60]67 percent always tip the person doing the cutting, [01:58.40]while 12 percent never do. [02:02.48]In a coffee shop, 29 percent always tip the person preparing their coffee, [02:09.16]while 30 percent never do. [02:12.53]And when staying at a hotel, [02:16.16]27 percent always tip the housekeeping crew and 31 percent never do. [02:24.16]Michael Lynn is a professor of consumer behavior and marketing [02:30.96]at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration in New York. [02:37.40]In other words, he knows a lot about the issue of tipping. [02:42.68]In earlier surveys, Lynn said, he found mixed results [02:48.12]on the generosity of men and women when it comes to tipping. [02:53.48]In some studies, men gave bigger tips than women. [02:57.76]In others, women gave more money. [03:02.72]Lynn's own research found that men give bigger tips [03:07.08]when the restaurant server is a woman [03:10.53]and women give more when the server is a man. [03:16.32]Lynn said that in any survey dealing with human generosity, [03:22.28]people can say they give more than they really do. [03:27.20]There is no way of finding out if people [03:31.32]answering a researcher's questions are telling the truth. [03:37.56]Creditcards.com spoke to one server at a restaurant in Virginia. [03:44.44]She said, "All of the really big tips I've gotten have been from men, [03:51.64]and some of the really bad ones have been from groups of women. [03:57.16]I think sometimes men tip more [04:00.92]because they're trying to impress someone." [04:05.52]Tips are very important to service employees. [04:10.64]People who work at restaurants often get most of their earnings from tips. [04:18.32]Nationwide, Americans generally tip between 15 to 20 percent [04:25.60]at restaurants and leave from $2 to $10 a day [04:32.48]for the people who clean their hotel rooms. [04:37.20]Tips of 15 percent are also common for people who drive taxis. [04:45.76]In 2015, Conde Nast Traveler magazine [04:50.12]published a report on tipping around the world. [04:54.60]Here are some of its findings about restaurants: [04:59.28]In Nigeria, a 10 percent tip is enough [05:03.00]if a service charge has not already been added [05:07.20]to the cost of a restaurant meal. [05:10.32]In Brazil, no tip is required because a 10 percent service charge [05:15.88]is generally added on restaurant bills. [05:20.44]In Cambodia, add $1 US dollar for the server. [05:26.08]In Indonesia, a 10 percent tip is added to the bill. [05:31.68]But diners often leave a little extra money. [05:36.20]In Vietnam, a service charge is not usually added to the restaurant bill. [05:43.16]If that's the case, you should add a 10 percent tip, [05:47.92]and more if you use a credit card. [05:52.32]But here is something to keep in mind. [05:55.64]If you are able to give the person serving you a tip [06:00.36]or a bigger one than what is expected, your generosity will be welcome. [06:07.36]Many service workers do not make much money, [06:11.20]and even an extra dollar or two can make a difference in their lives. [06:17.24]I'm Bruce Alpert. [06:20.16]And I'm Lucija Milonig. 更多听力请访问51VOA.COM