[ti:Third Vietnamese Hostage Killed in Philippines] [by:www.51voa.com] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:00.20]A third Vietnamese hostage held by Islamic militants in the Philippines has been killed. [00:11.20]Filipino General Cirilito Sobejana confirmed Thursday [00:17.40]that troops found the body of Viet Van Tran [00:22.46]after a weekend battle between troops and Abu Sayyaf militants. [00:29.08]The fighting also left four militants and a soldier dead. [00:35.51]The body was found in the southern island province of Sulu. [00:42.36]News reports quoted Sobejana as saying the victim had suffered "multiple gunshot wounds." [00:50.56]He said it was not known whether the hostage was killed during fighting or was shot by his captors. [01:01.24]The victim was the latest Vietnamese hostage to be killed [01:06.24]while in custody of the Abu Sayyaf group. [01:11.48]Last week, two Vietnamese hostages were found beheaded on the southern island of Basilan. [01:19.98]Another Vietnamese hostage was shot by the captors earlier this year. [01:27.40]All victims were working as crew members aboard two cargo ships [01:33.24]when they were captured by Abu Sayyaf militants. [01:37.73]One incident happened last February, the other in November 2016. [01:45.72]One of the Vietnamese hostages escaped captivity in Basilan last month. [01:52.23]But seven others are still being held by the militant group. [01:58.80]Abu Sayyaf is currently holding a total of 21 hostages, [02:04.52]including 15 foreigners, according to Philippine military officials. [02:13.04]Abu Sayyaf was formed in the 1990s with financial assistance from al Qaeda. [02:21.52]It split into a collection of factions in the mid-2000s [02:26.72]and is now believed to include about 400 members. [02:32.00]Several factions have declared allegiance to the Islamic State in recent years. [02:40.40]The Counter Extremism Project says Abu Sayyaf operates [02:45.84]from the Sulu Sea islands in the mostly Muslim southern Philippines. [02:52.40]It seeks to set up an independent Islamic state in the region. [02:58.74]Philippine troops have been battling Muslim rebels with ties to Abu Sayyaf [03:05.96]in the country's south for the past two months. [03:10.33]The troops are searching for Isnilon Totoni Hapilon, [03:16.24]a top leader of the Abu Sayyaf group for the past 20 years. [03:22.64]Hapilon is on the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorist list. [03:28.76]The search for him has been centered in the town of Marawi, [03:33.40]on the island of Mindanao. [03:36.56]More than 400 people have been killed in the fighting in Marawi since late May. [03:44.48]Hundreds of thousands have been displaced [03:47.76]and about 20 percent of the town has been destroyed. [03:53.28]I'm Bryan Lynn. 更多听力请访问51VOA.COM